Youth Employment Project’s Success Revealed Through Evaluation

Youth Employment Project’s Success Revealed Through Evaluation

An independent evaluation of the St Giles’s Choices project has illuminated its impact in assisting young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in accessing education, training, and employment opportunities.

The evaluation unveiled promising outcomes, showcasing that half of the young adults included in the evaluation sample had achieved significant education and/or employment milestones within just six months of embarking on the project. Notably, a third of these individuals secured employment during the same period.

Moreover, the evaluation highlighted the profound positive effects of Choices on the overall well-being of the young adults it served. Beyond enhancing skills, knowledge, and job prospects, the project significantly contributed to improving their mental and emotional welfare.

Funded by the Youth Futures Foundation, Choices is tailored to aid young adults who face the risk of involvement in the criminal justice system, empowering them with essential employability skills. This comprehensive support encompasses literacy and numeracy training, digital literacy, language proficiency enhancement, and assistance in obtaining qualifications. Crucially, the project’s approach is anchored in recognising and nurturing the existing strengths and talents of the participants, fostering growth at their own pace.

Among those who have benefited from Choices is Corey (name changed for confidentiality), an 18-year-old who encountered the project through his St Giles caseworker while recovering in the hospital following a traumatic attack. Experiencing anxiety and trauma in the aftermath of the incident, Corey aspired to pursue a career in electronic engineering. With the guidance and support of his Choices caseworker, Corey devised a personalised plan, explored suitable courses, and received invaluable emotional support during his journey. As a result, Corey successfully secured a place on an electronic engineering course and is currently undergoing therapy to address the residual effects of the attack, facilitated by his caseworker’s proactive efforts in accessing additional support resources.

He says of Choices:

“They’ve been great – exceeded my expectations. The most helpful part is knowing you are able to talk to somebody when you need to. St Giles helped me realise that the only things stopping me is me.”

To read more about the project visit Youth Futures Evaluation page.

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