Our years of training and employing people with lived experience of issues around offending, homelessness, gang involvement, substance misuse and other similar issues means we are ideally placed to provide you with expertise, consultancy and training.

Providers who are working with non-traditional learners and/or people who have experienced barriers in accessing training and employment can really benefit from our peer-led approach which uses people who share similar backgrounds to them.

We can provide accredited and assured courses around advice and guidance services. Our trainers specialise in working with non-traditional learners and people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Courses can be delivered at a range of levels and tailored towards any specific needs or area of advice and guidance.

“We deliver our own training, but your Level 3 blew our stuff out the water”

Feedback from partner on the Level 3 Advice and Guidance

We can offer expertise and advice on training and employing people with lived experience and helping both volunteers and paid staff to progress towards paid employment.

Our work supporting vulnerable young people means can provide training in complex casework around issues such as child criminal exploitation, gangs and weapons crime.

If you are supporting people who have experienced trauma, we can provide training in trauma-informed service delivery enhancing both quality of services and engagement with them.


Change one life, inspire change in a community

In this short film, discover how our Peer Advisor Programme helped ex-offenders access employment opportunities through peer-led support, guidance and training.


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