Work in Hospitals and Custody Suites

We work directly in hospitals and police custody suites to provide support for young people involved in or at risk of serious violence and criminal justice involvement. The is preventative work focussing on addressing underlying issues and helping young people access positive opportunities.

Work in Hospitals

Admission to hospital as a result of violence is a sad fact of life for many young people today.

Our trauma-informed Caseworkers provide intensive support to help young people emotionally and practically both in hospital and once they are discharged. The aim of this work is to reduce future violence and ensure young people are not discharged to situations which expose them to future risks. This work has seen re-admission rates for weapons wounds reduce from 44% to 7%. We currently provide services in hospitals in London and the West Midlands funded through West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.

Work in Custody Suites

Arrest represents an opportunity to reach a young person and help them steer their life back on track.

Our Caseworkers make contact with young people who are in police custody and provide intensive support to divert them away from any future involvement with the criminal justice system. Typically, this involves helping young people access opportunities around education, employment and training and addressing any underlying issues around mental health, substance misuse and poverty.

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