Child criminal exploitation

St Giles helps vulnerable young people who are criminally exploited through gangs, serious violence and offending.


Preventative work in schools

The SOS+ Service delivers early intervention work in educational settings, through preventative sessions on violence, vulnerability and exploitation.

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Community-based support

Since 2006, we've been at the forefront of helping vulnerable young people who are involved in gangs, serious violence and offending.

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Roisin Keville Major Trauma Centre

Work in hospitals and custody suites

We work directly in hospitals and police custody suites to provide support for young people involved in or at risk of serious violence and criminal justice involvement.

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Our approach

Insights from the frontline tell us that poverty, social inequalities and both real and perceived lack of opportunities lie behind much of the serious violence tragically taking many young lives before their time.

This is also alongside the grooming and exploitation of children and young people through county lines drug running .

Our approach is using professionally trained staff with lived experience of the issues facing the young people we help. The insights and expertise of our staff – all of whom have personal backgrounds which relate to these issues – makes them highly sought after to both deliver frontline work to young people and professional training to those working with them.

Preventative work in schools

The SOS+ Service delivers early intervention work in educational settings, through preventative sessions on violence, vulnerability and exploitation.

Our award-winning approach uses trained professionals with lived experience of the criminal justice system to de-glamorise gang involvement and expose the harsh realities of crime and violence.  As they know these issues first-hand, they can speak from their own experiences and have high levels of engagement from the young people.

The feedback from students and staff was the best we’ve ever had… Your workshops were relevant to our students, engaging and thought provoking.”

Headteacher, Pupil Referral Unit, Braintree.

Community-based support

Our work involves direct, intensive help for these young people and those around them.

Our model of employing staff who come from the same backgrounds and have overcome similar problems means they speak the language of the young people they are working with.  This is partnership work collaborating with other charities, local authorities and other agencies.

Hospital and custody suite work

We work in hospitals and custody suites providing specialist support for young people who have been arrested or admitted to hospital as a result of serious violence. 

The aim of this work is to reduce the risks of future harm and involvement with the police. This work is provided in both London and the Midlands.

This short film explains our preventative work in schools and other community settings to prevent young people from becoming victims of serious violence.

Child criminal exploitation

In Summer 2021 our staff members put together a short mini-series highlighting five different vulnerabilities to Child Criminal Exploitation.

The videos draw on their professional expertise and lived experience. They are intended to highlight awareness of CCE and the grooming line.

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