Peer Power

This year (2022) our Peer Advisors collaborated with professional photographer Jeff Hubbard to tell their stories in photographic and written form.  Each individual had their own tale of courage and unique experience of overcoming hardship, using this to create positive changes in their own lives and those of others.  See their pictures and words below.

Claire Low Res


Claire finds strength and positivity in helping others overcome trauma and adversity 

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Adrian Low Res


Adrian became a skilled professional helping others - something he had never dreamed of a few years back. 

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Bola Low Res


Bola's interest in supporting others has blossomed and she now wants to use her experiences to help her colleagues and clients 

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Danielle Low Res


Danielle's lived experience is one of her many strengths that she uses to help her clients

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Kaz Low Res


Kaz dug deep into herself to build her confidence and skills.  She is now using her lived experience to help others. 

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Gareth Low Res


St Giles empowered Gareth to find his true vocation and help others overcome the problems he once faced. 

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Jess Low Res


Thanks to support and encouragement, Jess has now progressed and been given a chance she would never have thought possible. 

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Stacey Low Res


Stacey's past adverse experiences are now turned to the advantage of herself and those she helps. 

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Laura Low Res


Laura wishes St Giles had been in her life when she was younger.  She uses her lived experience to help her clients and upskill other professionals. 

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Tracey Low Res


Tracey has thrown herself fully into her role helping women in the criminal justice system make the same progress she has. 

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Monica Low Res


Monica has been down a long path to get where she is. She is now helping others follow in her footsteps. 

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