Our EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Vision

Turning Difference into Strength

Together, with our unique lived experiences we will forge safe, inclusive workspaces and services where every voice is heard, respected and understood.


We acknowledge that structural inequalities still exist, within institutions and society as a whole. Central to how St Giles delivers services are trained people with lived experience who use the skills and competencies they have developed to support others. This is a positive asset, though we recognise that a disproportionate number of people with lived experience face other inequalities.  

To tackle these issues requires active change. As an organisation that states our commitment to helping the most disadvantaged in society to have a positive future, we recognise the key role we play in tackling those inequalities, in order to better support the clients we work with. This cannot be achieved without tackling inequalities internally, starting with our own team, setting the best example and being the best role models.   


Our Strategy (2023-2027):

Since April 2022 we have been working to review our approach to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and setting up a formal programme that will weave through everything the organisation does, at every level and will underpin our new strategy to 2027.  

The purpose of this EDI strategy is to set out our priority EDI objectives and the steps we need to take to deliver against these objectives. This strategy is interlinked with our People Strategy 2023-2027, which has EDI as one of its six strategic aims. 

St Giles CEO, Tracey Burley

"Embracing equity, diversity and inclusion goes beyond the call of duty, its profound moral imperative to ensure that St Giles is a driver in bringing together the rich diversity of those people that we work for and with, to create compassion and unity for the future"

St Giles CEO, Tracey Burley

Trustee and EDI Committee Chair, Sally Eley

"We place a real emphasis on making sure everyone at St Giles feels that sense of belonging so they can feel accepted for being themselves."

Trustee and EDI Committee Chair, Sally Eley

EDI Objectives:

Four key objectives underpin our EDI Strategy until 2025.  

Their focus is internal, and they seek to build on what has already been achieved in the last year. The strategy will then shift to focus on service delivery to ensure our EDI approach continues to cascade to our clients and communities we serve. 

  1. Embedding an Inclusive Organisational Culture. 
  2. Promoting and Supporting Inclusive Leadership 
  3. Achieving Fair Recruitment and Progression Opportunities 
  4. Measuring Progress and Impact 

A comprehensive action plan has been developed to support achievement of our objectives. 

EDI Strat Key Objectives


EDI should be at the centre of everything St Giles does, and it is everybody’s responsibility, although it will be led by the CEO, and will be reported on regularly at our Board meetings.  

This EDI Strategy will be fully owned by the Executive Team and managed by the EDI Steering Group and Head of EDI. 

The strategy and action plan are live documents, which will be regularly reviewed by the EDI Steering Group (who meet with the Trustees’ EDI Committee) and will be updated and amended accordingly. 

Employee Resource Groups:

Our ERGs are voluntary, staff-led initiatives. They are generally organised on the basis of common identities, interests, or backgrounds. The goal is to support fellow staff by providing opportunities to network and feedback via their Leadership sponsor to create a more inclusive workplace.   

  • Black Lives Awareness Group (BLAG)
  • Mental Health Awareness Group
  • Neurodiversity Forum
  • Women’s Network
  • Salaam (Muslim Staff Group)
  • SWIMS (Supporting Women in Menopausal Stages)
  • Vis-Able (Disability Awareness Group)
  • LGBTQ+ Group
  • Breaking Bread (Christian Fellowship)
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How we do things at St Giles:

At St Giles we have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of discrimination, harassment or victimisation. We actively encourage learning, open communication and two-way feedback. We support our staff to raise concerns in kindness and to challenge assertively and appropriately. We also have processes in place for reporting concerns and will take action as required

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