Women's services

The number of women we support has been steadily increasing over the past few years. We provide services addressing the specific issues they face.

This work is trauma informed.  Many of the women are in extremely vulnerable circumstances and have unaddressed issues around homelessness, mental health, hidden disabilities such as autism, substance misuse, domestic abuse and poverty.

Community-based support

Through the Wonder Plus Project, we provide holistic care and support for women in the community who are involved in or at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system.

Our caseworkers address underlying issues which are holding the women back from progressing their lives.  Typically these involve homelessness, poverty, substance misuse, domestic abuse and physical and/or mental health issues. We help with both practical and emotional needs - assisting the women to secure stable accommodation, manage debts and get specialist support with issues around addiction, abuse and health.  We also encourage women to take steps towards improving their wellbeing with help around healthier eating, exercise and reducing social isolation.  The ultimate aim is to support the women to improve their confidence and skills, enabling them to become independent.

This work is kindly funded through Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner and works with women across the county.


Work with Young Women

We provide specialist services for girls and young women involved in or at risk of criminal exploitation.

This issue is often hidden and therefore services that address this are often focussed towards the needs of young men. Females face specific issues, particularly around sexual exploitation and violence.  Our work provides practical and emotional support to help the women recognise signs of exploitation, develop resilience and pursue positive goals and aspirations.


Children and families

Find out more about our work supporting children and families. 

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Child criminal exploitation

Find out more about our work tackling child criminal exploitation. 

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peer advisors

Peer advice

Find out more about our work through the Peer Hubs and Peer Advisor Programme,

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Tackling poverty

Find out more about our work tackling poverty through our network of Pantries.

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Employment services

Find out more about our work helping people into sustainable employment.

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Work with prison leavers

Find out more about our work supporting prison leavers. 

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