When Sarah first came to St Giles, she was reluctant to open up for fear of being judged. She was referred to St Giles from Probation for help with housing, health and finances and through the support, her confidence has grown and she has begun to feel empowered.

Sarah’s Story

With the support of St Giles, Sarah is working on becoming financially independent and is looking at housing options. Before coming to St Giles, Sarah’s health suffered where she missed medical appointments as she lacked the confidence of attending on her own. She is now attending hospital receiving the medical care she needs.

Although Sarah is currently experiencing domestic violence within her relationship, her caseworker discusses how Sarah feels and explores ways to keep herself safe, working on herself and her needs.

‘It is the little things that St Giles has helped me with: going out for a coffee with my caseworker has made me feel like a human being again. They bought me a diary and pen so I could keep up with appointments and I have used it to start writing poetry again. I am looking forward to coming to the women’s groups to meet other people.’

– Sarah

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