Jackie was struggling with poverty and unemployment.  Surviving off just cereals, her health was in jeopardy. However, a housing association put her in touch with the St Giles Pantry in Coventry. Not only was she able to access affordable, healthy food, we also helped her to find a job.

Jackie’s story

“Being out of work I found it hard to buy food so I was just living on my evening meals: porridge and cereal. I was not eating well. I was not healthy and it became a problem. I was always wondering, ‘what am I going to eat today?

I had no money and was struggling so much.

I was at rock bottom when someone at Citizen Housing put me in touch with St Giles. It was marvellous. The food is really good and I was helped to shop and choose healthy food. Now I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables when I would never have it before. It changed my life. The staff are incredible. I recommend it to anyone, it’s like a second home to me.”

St Giles supported Jackie with employment advice and coached her for job interviews.

She has now found work.

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