Our team in Yorkshire received an urgent referral on a Thursday from a Probation Practitioner for Alan* who was due to be released from HMP Leeds the following day.  Supporting prison leavers at the end of the week poses special challenges as most support services are shut over the weekend. Therefore, there is a need to ensure a package of care is in place to tide the individual over their first weekend out of prison.

Alan’s story

Many people leaving prison are in very vulnerable circumstances and the risk of re-offending is high if the right support is not in place. Homelessness and lack of any form of income are two of the biggest factors facing many of the people we support.

When Alan was released, he worked with St Giles to register for accommodation and was allocated a caseworker in the Friday Prison Leavers Team who supported him over the weekend. They secured three nights hotel accommodation for Alan, funded by the Prison Leavers project.

As is highlighted below, the team work with a range of different partners and agencies who all collaborate to ensure the needs of the individual is met and that they have somewhere safe to live and a follow up plan in place.

The following week Alan, accompanied by his Caseworker, attended his Universal Credit appointment while his Community Accommodation Adviser arranged an assessment with Leeds Housing Options. John was awarded Priority Need status and accommodated in emergency accommodation the same day.

In the meantime, his Community Accommodation Adviser had also completed a referral for Greenbridge Supported Housing where he received an assessment. A suitable property was available that Alan viewed and accepted. He signed for a tenancy on the same day and now has his own tenancy with a Support Worker.

A referral has also been submitted to the Leeds CFO Activity Hub, so Alan can access educational courses to increase his confidence, skills and eventually progress towards employment.

Alan is now settled in his new home and is grateful for the support he has received from St Giles.

*Name changed to protect the client’s confidentiality




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