Brewbird David’s expresso London Marathon dash

Brewbird David’s expresso London Marathon dash

Running 26 miles is a tricky undertaking for anyone but how about doing that and being a manager of Brewbird – our buzzing social enterprise café? In this interview, Brewbird’s David Adams talks about his motivation and offers tips!

What made you choose to run?

‘To get fit and healthy and I saw this as an opportunity to raise awareness about Brewbird. We give the most marginalised people in society the opportunity to build their skills and raise their aspirations through becoming a trainee barista. This helps them in whatever their next steps are’.

What do you find most rewarding about running?

‘It’s all about feeling refreshed, healthier and gives me a chance to think about other things than work! The endorphins make me feel good. I like to set myself goals and create personal best times which – with my competitive nature – I like to beat’.

What’s your training process?

‘I’m going to the gym three times a week and doing one road run but that will change as I increase my stamina. I’m also playing football which keeps me going up and down the pitch.’

What running have you done before?

‘This is my first ever big running event! I’ve done the occasional park run of around 10K but then life got in the way’.

What are your tips to other runners?

‘Buy two pairs of the same running trainers; you don’t want to end up with new trainers on the big day which might cause injury. Get plenty of sleep; it’s hard to run when you are tired. Run for a good cause, it will keep you motivated during these cold dark days’.

We wish David and our other six runners all their best in their training and for the big event in April!

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