The RLSE grant from St Giles

The RLSE grant from St Giles

What is the RLSE?

The St Giles Trust RLSE Grant was inherited from the Royal London Society in 2016 to provide grant support to people leaving prison. St Giles Trust RLSE (RLSE) today provides grants to prison leavers , who are seeking to gain employment.

As well as the main RLSE grant there is also a ‘Hobbies Grant’ for those with over 2 years left on their sentence, this can be used to purchase anything from art supplies to crafts equipment and book. Information on the application can be found below.

In 2022 alone the St Giles RLSE grant awarded in total over £25,000, providing 165 prison leavers and hobby grant applicants with funding.

Applications can be made by an individual who has been or is currently involved with the Criminal Justice System; the individual must be actively working with an organisation(s) who offer employment support such as a Probation Officer, Prison Officer, CRC Resettlement Worker, Job Centre Careers Advisor or Employment Support Worker. Applicants can apply for one grant category, within the capped amount or from multiple grant categories within the capped amounts; however, the total amount we will fund will be no more than £500.

How can i apply?

Before you apply please read the full guidelines in the documents below. To apply you can:

Then after checking, please return your application form to

To ensure your application is processed accurately you must fill in all the sections of the application form
(pages 9 – 10) and include:

  • A personal statement detailing your employment journey and your need for funding (page 11)
  • Proof of course/product costs (page 12)
  • A supporting letter (on company headed paper) from your Caseworker, Peer Advisor, Probation Officer,
  • Prison Officer, CRC Resettlement Worker, Job Centre Careers Advisor or Employment Support Worker
    (page 13)

When are applications decided?

All applications will receive an acknowledgement within two days of receipt. If you are eligible we will let you know when the decision panel meets to discuss your application. If your application is ineligible or information from it is missing, we will write to you to let you know.

The decision panel meets every two months. Within two weeks of the panel meeting, applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application.

For further information please email

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