The word gangs in this context refers to criminal gangs who exploit children and young people into committing crimes and expose them to potential harm. The Centre for Social Justice estimates that here could be 70,000 children and young people across the UK involved in gangs.

Why Do Young People Get Involved?

There are many varied reasons why children and young people get involved in gangs.  These include:

  • Protection (especially if a young person is experiencing bullying)
  • Peer pressure
  • Financial gain
  • Seeking role models
  • Social media influence

Often it is a combination of these factors and others – each unique to the young person’s situation - which push young people towards gangs.

How St Giles Helps

Criminal gang involvement can have serious consequences for young people and their families. This includes violent reprisals, involvement in the criminal justice system county lines exploitation. Since 2006, we have provided specialist services helping young people and their families break away from gang involvement and positively progress towards legitimate opportunities. Just as every young person is unique, our work is tailored to suit their particular situations. Our caseworkers – most of whom have direct experience of gang involvement themselves – work flexibly and intensively with each of their young clients to help them overcome their individual barriers and pursue their goals.

How You Can Help

Helping a young person out of gang sometimes means relocating their whole family when a young person is at risk of reprisals. Limited public funds do not always cover the full costs of doing this and we often need to provide families with practical help around moving in an emergency. Additionally our young people once nearly resettled need support with things around education, training and employment such as course costs, equipment and travel expenses.



could provide preventative educational sessions to young people at risk of serious youth violence. 



could provide one night emergency accommodation to keep a child safe. 

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could provide one day of lifesaving 1:1 mentoring and whole family support to a young person at risk of gang involvement.


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