Keep children safe

Child Criminal Exploitation can happen to any child. We need your help to help protect children from Child Criminal Exploitation.


Help for young people

Tips and advice on how you can gradually start to get your life back to normal. However, it is very important to remember that if you or anyone else is facing an immediate threat you should dial 999.

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Help for parents and carers

It can be extremely stressful suspecting your child, or a child you are caring for, is involved in child criminal exploitation. There are things you can do to help and St Giles are here to offer support, advice and guidance.

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Help for professionals

We offer a range of services to support young people at risk of, or involved in, child criminal exploitation. These are available for a wide range of professionals including schools, hospitals, prisons and local councils. 

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There are an estimated 1,000 county lines in Britain


Some lines exploit up to 50 children

And the risk of exploitation heightens in summer.


Last year we engaged 4,500 new clients

aged 25 & under


There was a 53% increase

in the number of young people supported through our youth violence, gangs and CCE services

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We support children as young as 11

to safely exit the grip of gangs nationwide.


We ensure children's safe return home

And provide ongoing support to them and their whole family, ensuring no one is left behind.


36% reduced risk of county lines activity.

Child Criminal Exploitation

In Summer 2021, our staff members put together a short mini-series highlighting five different vulnerabilities to Child Criminal Exploitation.

The videos draw on their professional expertise and lived experience. They are intended to highlight awareness of CCE and the grooming line.

With your support we will be able to make sure more young people stay safe



could provide preventative educational sessions to young people at risk of serious youth violence. 



could provide one night emergency accommodation to keep a child safe. 

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could provide one day of lifesaving 1:1 mentoring and support to a young person at risk of gang involvement.

Michelle's story

I had no idea my 16 year old son Lee was being criminally exploited by gangs until he went missing for four days. Promised £2,000 to help out a so called “friend”, he was coerced to take a train to South of England to deliver some drugs.  He thought he would just deliver the package and be home soon. But this decision put his life at risk and those he cared about; me, my husband and his younger sister.

Ussama's story

Ussama* was a straight A student who had been accepted into all the universities he applied for. However involvement in county lines had broken down his relations with his family and left him suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

*name changed for confidentiality

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