Pride Month at St Giles

Pride Month at St Giles

St Giles’ LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group are working hard shaping up lunch and learns for Pride month, which culminate in regional celebrations across the St Giles network 

The planned ‘lunch & learns’ cover topics such as:

  • ‘Everything you need to know about Trans folk, but might have been afraid to ask’,
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusive Language and
  • a final session on Pride – What it’s all about and its relevance today 

In the last week of June, regional Pride events will be happening across the network, in London, Norwich, Coventry, Leeds and Cardiff. These will be a mixture of Pride Potluck Lunches (think colourful and celebratory foods) and a Pride / St Giles stall in Coventry.

The aims of the sessions are to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community, with intentions of positively influencing a safe and inclusive space for staff as well as enhancing our work with, and support of, the client groups St Giles engages with. 

Following PRIDE month, the group are keen to continue raising awareness and link with other Employee Resource Groups, to explore commonalities across the focus of these groups, and seek to further understand and work with the nuanced intersectionality of the multiple characteristics (such as gender, sexuality, race and religion) that combine to create the identities and lived experiences of our staff and clients alike.  

‘There is currently a lot of work going into putting together the lunch and learns and events and I am particularly impressed and inspired by the passion and dedication of the St Giles staff members who make up the LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group. We are really excited and looking forward to the sessions and regional events.’

Tony Fiedler, LGBTQ+ ERG lead. 

Read more here about our Employee Resource Groups.


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