Jobs and homes still top areas of need

Jobs and homes still top areas of need

Over 18,600 people engaged with St Giles Trust’s services in the last financial year, according to our Performance Overview for 2015/16, with support accessing jobs and homes continuing to be in highest demand.

The figures showed our frontline teams helped 1,230 individuals in housing need find a home, 693 disadvantaged people overcome barriers to find employment and 198 vulnerable young people safely exit gang lifestyles.

This help came from someone who has been there themselves as demonstrated through the expansion of our Peer Advisor Programme over the past year. 340 people embarked on training as Peer Advisors, using a mix of the Level 3 Advice and Guidance qualification and their first-hand experiences to support other people to make positive changes in their lives. These Peer Advisors form the backbone of St Giles Trust’s services and comprise many of the ex-offender staff we employ.

The expansion of our work across the prison estate has enabled us to grow our work – particularly the Peer Advisor Programme – and support many more people in the criminal justice system to resettle.

“These figures show we have met or exceeded most of our targets – and that we continue to help people with the important basics of somewhere to live and something to work for,” said Chief Executive Rob Owen. “They just scratch the surface of the level of intervention that has taken place with each individual. It highlights the importance of giving someone one-to-one, tailored support and providing it from someone who knows what they are going through.”

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