We helped 19 year old Sarah who was facing homelessness in the midst of the pandemic

Sarah’s Story

Sarah is 19 years old and had been sofa surfing for the last five months. With the Covid pandemic, she’s been unable to do so with the risk it poses to friends and family. She’s also been suffering from PTSD since the age of eight due to losing her father and two brothers in a fire.

We put her case forward to her local borough council for emergency housing and helped her get basic essentials such as food vouchers, toiletries and phone credit so we could stay in contact.

In the longer term, we advised Sarah to look for supermarket roles available immediately in order to cope with the current pandemic. We have her most recent CV, which can be submitted once her housing is sorted.

We’ve also got her in touch with a mental health service she can access over the phone when she needs it to help her through these times.

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