Modern Slavery

Modern slavery refers to the recruitment, harbouring or movement of children, women or men for the purposes of exploitation

Modern Slavery and Child Criminal Exploitation

It can take many forms and child criminal exploitation is one of them. Many children, young people and vulnerable adults we work with are forced into committing criminal acts against their will such as drug trafficking and dealing, violent and sexual offences.

Many children and young people do not recognise or admit that they are being exploited in this way. There is a complex victim/perpetrator overlap where the young person is both simultaneously.

How We Help

We work to ensure that the young people are given the right support they need and treated appropriately by the authorities given their vulnerability and the level of coercion they are under. We advocate on their behalf and help them navigate the services and support systems that are set up for victims of modern slavery.

With your support, we can help end this form of modern slavery and ensure that its youngest and most vulnerable victims get the help they need.



could provide preventative educational sessions to young people at risk of serious youth violence. 



could provide one night emergency accommodation to keep a child safe. 

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could provide one day of lifesaving 1:1 mentoring and whole family support to a young person at risk of gang involvement.


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