County Lines

County Lines

St Giles has been at the forefront of helping young people trapped in county line exploitation for nearly 10 years.

Last year (March 2020-April 2021), we helped 607 children and young people out of county lines across the UK.

What Is A County Line?

The term county lines refers to the criminal exploitation of young and vulnerable people to transport and deal drugs across the country. False offers of quick cash and friendship lure young people in and once they are involved they experience horrific levels of abuse, exploitation and trauma.

How St Giles Helps

St Giles has dedicated teams in London, Kent, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Merseyside and Wales who all help children and young people involved in county lines. We also carry out preventative work across England and Wales to raise awareness of exploitation and give young people the tools and knowledge to stay safe.

Our teams really understand as many of the caseworkers have direct experience of being in a county line themselves.

How Can You Help?

We need your help to continue this work. Any help you can give us will offer potentially life-saving support to a vulnerable young person to help them stay safe and engaged with positive opportunities.

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