Voices from the frontline

The people we work with come from all different backgrounds, situations and ages. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We work with each person as an individual, helping them realise their future goals.

Read the stories of some of them here.

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Jane's Story

When Jane first came into contact with us, she was living in a hostel and struggling with mental health issues, including bi-polar disorder, anxiety and panic attacks...

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Colin's Story

Andrew describes his work with Colin who needed help to increase his confidence to gain employment after battling depression and anxiety.

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Chrissy's Story

People we’ve helped create a positive ripple and often inspire others they know to make similar changes...

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Janine's Story

Janine was at risk of homelessness and experiencing severe poverty..  Our Wonder+ team helped get her finances under control and enrol on a college course.

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Hendrick’s Story

Our team took a call regarding Hendrick, a 16 year old from London who had been missing for over a month. He had been discovered over 300 miles away in a drug den during a police raid...

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Lucy's Story

With a new job and a new flat, Lucy's life was starting to turn a corner until Covid brought redundancy and uncertainty. 

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Anton's Story

When Sonya, our caseworker Royal London Hospital Trauma Caseworker, first met 23 year old Anton he had been the victim of a drive by shooting which had left him blinded...

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