Charlotte’s story

One of our recent graduates is Charlotte. Thanks to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk and Probation Service, Charlotte has been recruited to provide administrative support to Women in the Criminal Justice System Strategic group.

Charlotte’s story

Charlotte is also a volunteer for Wonder Plus and here’s what she says about her journey.

I wanted to join St Giles Wonder+ because when I was at my most vulnerable and broken state. They picked me up, with absolutely no judgment. They treated me like a human being who needed to be heard.

The compassion they showed me made me believe in myself again, I owe so much to Wonder+ and the amazing work they do.

I now have the best tools to go on and help others, I also have the best support network I have ever had. Thanks to them I can now give back and I can honestly say that I don’t even class my old life as my own anymore. Thanks to Wonder+ I have a small part time role helping the OPPCN female offender board which is something I am truly passionate about.

One day I hope to not just volunteer for Wonder+ but to work for them full time, helping women turn their pasts into their futures. Just like I did.

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