Janine's story

An abusive relationship and the poverty she experienced as a result of it drove Janine to commit benefit fraud for which she received a suspended sentence. Isolated from her family and friends, she had no money for essentials such as food and new clothes - the ones she was wearing were falling apart to the extent she felt she couldn’t leave the house. Janine had health issues – possibly related to the stress of her former relationship – which meant she had to comply with a very strict gluten-free diet which was expensive to accommodate.

At the time the Wonder+ Caseworker, Jodie, met Janine she was also in debt due to her former partner and at risk of losing her home.

Jodie listened to Janine and helped her piece her life back together. Despite the trauma she had suffered, Janine was keen to move on, boost her skills and find employment but concerned that her conviction would hold her back.  Jodie and Janine worked together to draw up a plan to help her move forward. This included support from organisations which could help her manage her debts and overcome the aftermath of abuse she had suffered. Jodie also offered Janine coping strategies so she could deal with the stress she was under without becoming overwhelmed by it.

After encouragement and care from Wonder+ coupled with her own determination, Janine’s life is now turning a corner. Her financial situation is improved and she is at college doing a Humanities and Social Sciences course.

She is thankful for the support of Wonder+ and now feeling optimistic about her future.  Jodie still stays in touch with Janine and will continue to do so until Janine feels ready to end the support. Even after this, she will still be able to get back in touch with us if she needs help from St Giles in the future.

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