We believe that people with first-hand experience of successfully overcoming issues such as an offending background, homelessness, addictions and gang involvement hold the key to positive change in others.

Being helped by someone who has ‘been there’ is highly powerful and this peer-led approach underpins all our services. Our Guide to Services 2018 is available to download here.

Our SOS Project offers intensive help to young people exposed to or at risk of violence, vulnerability and exploitation. The work encompasses gangs work and family support as well as child exploitation and human trafficking.
Our SOS+ Programme prevents disadvantaged young people becoming involved in gang crime and serious youth violence. It offers interactive sessions in schools, pupil referral units and colleges which offer practical tools and knowledge to young people on how to steer clear from violence and crime.
We work in partnership with hospitals to offer intensive support to young people who have been admitted as victims of serious youth violence violence.
Work to prevent young people from becoming involved in crime and serious violence through the SOS+ Project has been developed across Norfolk.
Rescue and Response is a three-year MOPAC funded project working with young Londoners affected by county lines activity.

Helping young people who are not in education, training and employment to improve their levels of confidence and skills, with the aim of supporting them to employment.

Our HSBC-supported Choices Programme helps disadvantaged young people in London and West Yorkshire who are not in employment, education or training. It helps them overcome barriers to build the skills and confidence to gain employment.
GROW helps disadvantaged young people in education to find part time employment as a stepping stone to their career.
Our YES (Youth Employment Skills) Project works with REED in Partnership funded by the European Social Fund, in partnership with the Education and Skills Funding Agency. It helps disadvantaged 16-24 year olds overcome personal barriers and access employment and training opportunities.
The Accessing The Future Project offers practical assistance to help disadvantaged young people achieve their career goals. It is kindly supported by the Credit Suisse EMEA Foundation.
Your Path is a partnership project with Southwark Council. It is for 18-25 year olds in Southwark who would like help to find a job.
Funded by the Mayor of London Fund, Be Wise offers one to one holistic support for young people 16-21 with experience of the criminal justice system in Islington, Tower Hamlets and Newham who are not in employment, education or training.

Help for adults in overcoming disadvantage to improve their skills, confidence and ultimately support them into employment.

Our Peer Forward project in Cardiff offers people who have been overcome disadvantages such as homelessness, having a criminal record, substance misuse and other similar issues the opportunity to train as Peer Advisors, gaining an accredited qualification whilst helping others.
Our Working Out project in Ipswich offers peer-led support to ex-offenders in Ipswich to help them access education, training, volunteering and employment opportunities.
Our North London Team offer peer-led support to people with recent convictions or those who have recently released from prison to help access employment, volunteering and training opportunities.
Our London Peer Hub offers adults who have overcome disadvantage the opportunity to train as Peer Advisors and gain qualifications, experience and employment. It is delivered in partnership with local partners.
Our Peer Advisor Centre in West Yorkshire offers adults who have overcome disadvantage the opportunity to train as Peer Advisors and gain qualifications, experience and employment. It is delivered in partnership with local partners.
Our Right Steps to Work project is a voluntary programme in Yorkshire that will help you develop skills, achieve your goals, and move towards and into work.
Funded by the European Social Fund and London Councils, Aim Higher helps adults over the age of 19 in Hackney, Camden and Islington access employment.

Funded through ESF and sub-contracted through Reed, Work Routes offers tailored support to help people in Bradford and Keighley access employment opportunities.

Routeways is a pilot project supported by JP Morgan. It provides customised support to disadvantaged people in low paid or poor quality work.
Level Up works with ex-offenders in north London who are in employment but need support to improve their employment situations.

Help for children and families and for people affected by poverty, debt and financial hardship.

Our Children and Families Teams work with socially excluded families who are struggling to cope and often not engaging with statutory services. Our teams specialise in working with these vulnerable families, offering one-to-one support for the children and young people in them. This work is offered in London, West Yorkshire and Cardiff.
Our COPE Project offers help to children affected by parental imprisonment and we also offer help families of serving prisoners in HMP Wealstun through Maintaining Family Ties.
Work with Family Gangs Units in South London to help the young people and their families who are affected by gang involvement.

Work in prisons to help serving prisoners successfully rehabilitate and pursue crime –free lives.

We offer resettlement services in these prisons to address the needs of serving prisoners and reduce re-offending. Many of these services are offered in partnership with Community Rehabilitation Companies.
Our prison-based Peer Advisor Programme plays an important role in this work, offering serving prisoners the opportunity to train and qualify under the Level 3 Information, Advice and Guidance qualification whilst providing vital support for other prisoners.
We offer specialist support to foreign national prisoners through our peer-led approach. This is a group whose needs are often unmet and we are grateful to The Bell Foundation for support this work.
The CFO3 project works in partnership with APM and delivers employment support in West Yorkshire to the most disadvantaged prisoners and people with convictions.
The CFO3 Mentoring project provides ex-offenders in North and West Yorkshire with mentoring support to help them progress towards employment.

Services for women and community support for vulnerable adults.

Our Footsteps Project works with highly vulnerable women prison leavers to help them successfully resettle and lead stabilised lives in the community.
We also have a small number of services offering intensive, peer-led support to vulnerable adults in south London, including partnership work the St Thomas Hospital in Waterloo to help homeless patients.
Our Peer Circles project works across central and south London to help people with complex needs to access employment, volunteering and training opportunities. Specialist support for women is also available.
WONDER+ works in Norfolk to help vulnerable women in the criminal justice system get the support they need.

St Giles Trust Cymru

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Supported by the The Community Fund, Peer Forward adopts our Peer Advisor Programme to benefit local communities and enhance community services in Cardiff.
County lines in Cymru supports vulnerable young people who are exploited by gangs into carrying our risky activities around dealing and transporting drugs.
We help families in Cardiff and surrounding areas through the Children and Families Project Cymru.
Working under the Wales Community Rehabilitation Company we offer custody-based resettlement support in prisons across Wales.
We offer early interventions and support for young people, families and communities affected by gangs and serious violence though SOS Newport.