We are included in the Top 50 List of Most Inclusive Employers

We are included in the Top 50 List of Most Inclusive Employers

St Giles Trust has ranked in the Top 50 list of Most Inclusive Employers. The list from the Excellence in Diversity Awards features a variety of organisations from across different sectors.

Organisations were scored on their performance in a range of areas within the diversity arena. This exclusive resource has identified the true leaders in this field, focusing on representation at management, senior, executive and board level.

Those ranked on the list have provided evidence of inclusive practice on a range of topics including recruitment procedures, training and a host of diversity related initiatives.

Our ethos is to place our clients at the centre of the solution through our Peer Advisor Programme which enables them to become trained professionals able to offer advice and support to others looking to make positive changes in their lives. 40% of the St Giles Trust staff team are former service users.

Our Chief Executive Rob Owen OBE said: “St Giles Trust’s strength, uniqueness and effectiveness comes from our single greatest asset – our diversity and inclusivity.”

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