Surviving and supporting under a lonely lockdown

Surviving and supporting under a lonely lockdown

“We are as a team working extra hard to make sure our clients are emotionally stable in this trying time”

Rashpal Grewal, St Giles Project Manager, Peer Circles  

Our caseworkers are working harder than ever to stay in contact with their clients, offering advice, support and encouraging them to stay motivated and engaged with the future. Thanks to your incredible generosity, our Covid 19 Fund is enabling us to stop the most vulnerable from slipping through the net. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, your support is truly life saving.

Here are some examples of how your support is helping:

Many clients are homeless so having nowhere to self isolate is a real risk. 

“19 year old C has been sofa surfing for 5 months. Friends that would have once helped can now no longer do this as she poses a risk to them for health and hygiene reasons.  We are trying to get her emergency housing and the Covid 19 Fund has secured her food vouchers and phone top ups so we can stay in contact. We have also tried to source a supermarket role for her as they are immediately hiring because of the pandemic.”.

Some of our clients who had found employment have been made redundant as a result of the pandemic. This is a bitter blow for them as employment was often the last step towards the road towards independence and recovery.

“I have had to support them by giving benefits advice and support them to register for universal credit. For those that have been self employed, I have to break down the advice for self employed persons and support the person to make the right benefits decision for them now.”

For those who were working with us to train as Peer Advisors, being unable to attend their training and volunteering has left a big void in their days.  Some have limited access to technology and few possessions to act as things to keep them occupied.

“Through the Covid 19 fund, Joseph has been supported with utilities and having enough food in his home so he can self isolate. During the lockdown, caseworkers have been in constant touch with Joseph and encourage him to spend his time doing positive activities while we work on getting Joseph access to internet. He is optimistic that he will be a stronger person at the other end of this adversity with the support he receives.”

The pandemic is posing additional worries for our clients with physical health issues and our work involves checking they are safe, have what they need and letting them know we are here if they need us.

“She is recovering from recent hospitalization due to gallbladder issue. She has some arts and crafts projects at home, and has been trying to stay distracted with watching things on her phone, but her data is running out. She does not have a laptop or at home or WIFI, but would like some access to be able to watch more shows and stay in contact with friends.  She has a cancer diagnosis and would like more fresh food options outside of the canned goods she has so we are trying to help her with this through the Covid 19 Fund.”

To help us further minimise the impact of the pandemic on our clients for as long as it takes, and ensure they are not the hidden victims of it you can show your support here.


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