Our Caseworker Rashpal is working hard through the pandemic to support people in very vulnerable circumstances

Rashpal’s Story

The lockdown and surrounding endless news cycle can be damaging to our clients mental health, with uncertainty and fear in high supply. Peer Circle caseworkers have extensive cases, sometimes as many as 30, and this number has increased with lockdown.

Rashpal is one of our Peer Workers. While previously, he had been helping clients find employment and support to regain independence or stability, now work has been centering around monitoring clients and making sure they’re keeping their mental and physical health up as well as not falling into old habits.

Many of Rashpal’s clients are awaiting receiving ID or having housing issues, so we’re chasing up the relevant people to make sure things are moving as much as they can. We’ve also worked with housing specialists to make sure all of our clients have the right guidance.

A number of clients also have a history of substance misuse, and in uncertain times it becomes more likely they will slip into old habits. Others are showing symptoms of COVID-19, so Rashpal has been sharing the latest information on the best ways to avoid spreading the disease.

Our Peers are working together to make sure all of our clients are emotionally stable in these unprecedented times.

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