St Giles and the Wise Group to bid for Ministry of Justice probation services as third sector prime

St Giles and the Wise Group to bid for Ministry of Justice probation services as third sector prime

St Giles and the Wise Group have come together to create a values-led, third sector partnership that will bid for the Personal Wellbeing Call-Off Competition on the Probation Dynamic Framework.

Both St Giles and the Wise Group have long-term track records of delivering resettlement services for people leaving prison across the UK. This partnership brings together shared values and a joint ethos of putting people with lived experience at the centre of their work.

The Wise Group currently delivers an enhanced Through the Gate service for Durham and Tees Valley CRC, supporting people leaving prison with resettlement and wraparound mentoring provision.

St Giles has been supporting offenders through resettlement and Through the Gates services for nearly 20 years including the successful and innovative ONE Service at Peterborough prison funded through the first Social Impact Bond. They work with CRCs across the East of England, Wales, the Midlands and West Yorkshire to deliver prison resettlement services which includes training and employing offenders as Peer Advisors to enhance the quality and impact of our support.

Together we will be able to provide a broad reaching, non-judgemental service that has proven to support rehabilitation and reduce reoffending.

In order to deliver the strongest possible service the charities would like to hear from local partners interested in supporting bids in the following areas:

  • North East
  • North West
  • Greater Manchester
  • London
  • Yorkshire
  • Wales
  • Midlands
  • East of England
  • Kent

We’re particularly keen to hear from partners who can support our delivery in areas relating to:

  • Lifestyle and Associates
  • Social inclusion/Mentoring
  • Family and significant others
  • Emotional wellbeing

If your organisation would like to support us to support people to move away from crime, please email Steve McGarvie.

You can also hear more about our ambitions as a third sector prime on 8 September at  Clinks’ Meeting the Primes event

This partnership was formed in response to changes in the Probation Service. They have since started working together to design the interventions needed to support serving prisoners and prison leavers and those under the care of HM Prison and Probation Service.

About the partnership

We are values-led Third Sector partnership that delivers high-calibre services for offenders, empowering them to overcome barriers and take positive steps forward in their lives. Working together, we draw on our combined strengths to create safe, effective and accessible services that help reduce re-offending.  We share a commitment to employing trained individuals who have been there themselves, bringing added credibility, first-hand knowledge and professionalism to our services.

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