Footsteps Evaluation

Evaluations Into Our Work With Women and Families

Footsteps Evaluation

Evaluated by: AVA (Action Against Violence)


  • Collation of key metrics identifying the number of clients worked with and the support they have received, including identification of any specialist services they are engaged with as a result of the Footsteps project.
  • Footsteps clients’ responses to a service specific evaluation ‘wellbeing survey’ - to be completed on entry to the service and then on a quarterly basis going forwards. This survey presents seven key indicators for both mental health and social inclusion from REVA outcomes framework[1] and the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale[2]
  • On-going monitoring of the Footsteps women's groups and wellbeing of those taking part.
  • Focus groups and interviews (either over the phone or face to face) with Footsteps clients, providing an opportunity for clients to share their experiences of the service.
  • Interviews with Footsteps staff team, providing an opportunity for staff to highlight achievements, learning and challenges faced.
  • Case studies of Footsteps clients

Project overview:

Footsteps is a two-year project, funded by The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, which has been delivered across three geographical areas in England: Yorkshire, Norfolk and London. The project sought to make a difference to women with autism or personality disorder(s) who have been involved in the criminal justice system and who face multiple disadvantages through a) the delivery of a holistic, person-centred and trauma informed support service.

Key outcomes:

  • Footsteps was able to support 296 women referred in to the service over the two years of project delivery.
  • Analysis of responses from the eight professionals working directly with clients finds that 100% agreed that the project had had a positive impact on the women they were (jointly) working with.
  • Between the launch of the service in September 2018 and January 2020, 12 volunteers supported the Footsteps project.
  • Footsteps caseworkers supported clients to a total of 969 appointments over the course of the project. This averages out at women being supported to 44 appointments per month. This includes medical, mental health, alcohol services and rehab appointments.
  • Following an average of six months additional support from Footsteps, the number of clients feeling isolated or alone decreased from 65% to 37%.
  • Following an average of six months additional support from Footsteps, the number of clients who felt able to deal with daily life at least most of the time increased from 53% to 74%. The number of clients taking care of themselves either ‘most’ or ‘all of the time’ increased from 40% to 67%.
  • 95% of the responses to Women’s group feedback forms indicated that women had felt able to meet new people and build positive connections through accessing the group.
  • 100% of women providing feedback via women’s group feedback forms indicated that they would recommend it.

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