This Christmas, you can help a family!

This Christmas, you can help a family!

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, and while we all get ready for the festive season the reality is that a lot of families and children are facing a cold and hungry Christmas. Each year we support many hundreds of households with access to food and face-to-face expert support to help them overcome the barriers that are holding them back.

This week we have launched the St Giles Trust Christmas Appeal, donations will go towards vulnerable children and families. With your help, our Pantry food hubs can provide healthy, fresh and nutritious food and an emergency safety net and a sustainable route out of poverty within six months.

Our specified donation amounts, detail specific examples of what your donation could help provide the Christmas. For example, for £23.91 you could provide two weekly shops to people struggling to make ends meet at our St Giles Pantry with wraparound practical support to help end food poverty for good.

“The St Giles Pantry has been a blessing. I am able to cook and eat a balanced meal every day. The staff are on hand to help me with any social issues I may have and can and will signpost me to another agency that can help me. They are kind and friendly, polite and never put me down or look down on me. They encourage me to pick healthy things and help me. The Pantry provides good food for people like myself who are struggling. Confidentiality is their policy and have great discretion compared to a food bank where everyone knows your business and people know what you’re going in there for. Without this service I would have had to skip meals. I am so grateful to you at St Giles for providing this service. I am truly grateful.”

St Giles Pantry Client

If you would like more information about our appeal and the impact it will have, please see our Christmas Appeal webpage.

If you would like to donate towards our Christmas Appeal, please donate here.


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