This young woman has now thankfully rebuilt her life away from criminal and sexual exploitation.  However, she shares her story here to show how easy it is for young people to become caught up in it and how tough it can be to break free.

“It started when I was at school. There were other girls who talked to guys who waited outside school, and there was one who was really good looking and I was so amazed that he liked me – I had low self-esteem, I felt fat, I didn’t think anyone would like me. He made me feel really good. He had his own place and a nice car. Girls are sold dreams by these guys – the nice house and car and the nice family unit.”

“At 19, I was walking through London, 8 months pregnant and with a rucksack full of firearms on my back. I look back on that and I’m horrified now. For a long time guilt and disgust has eaten me up. It’s affected me in so many ways. Back then, it seemed normal. You become desensitised really quickly and you just don’t think anything of the things you are doing.”


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