A Film to Build Resilience against Violence and Extremism

With Connect Futures

Welcome to the BRAVE film.
We wanted to create a film that doesn’t lecture you, or preach, or scare. We want to talk about the realities of violence, extremism and exploitation that you, your friends or your family might face, in the words of those who have experienced them, so you can better protect yourself and others.

Take your time to watch it, reflect on the issues it raises, and then return to complete the worksheet provided by your teacher.

TRIGGER WARNING | This film has been created with and for young people and contains no explicit content. It does however touch upon and/or allude to sensitive and difficult subject matters including domestic violence, suicide, drug misuse and distribution, sexual exploitation, child criminal exploitation, prison, serious youth violence, knife crime, grief, extremist ideology, bereavement and grief. Please talk to a trusted adult for further support and guidance.

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