A&E work underway at Northwick Park

A&E work underway at Northwick Park

We are now working in Northwick Park A&E in north west London to help young people admitted to the hospital as victims of serious violence.

Our two caseworkers are working alongside clinical staff to help steer young people away from crime and gangs, providing them with guidance and support to get their lives back on a positive path and prevent them returning to the situations that put them in hospital once discharged.

The Brent Council funded service is one of a burgeoning number of hospital-based projects we are now delivering in London and the Midlands supporting young people at a reachable moment when they are injured in hospital – although this is a highly traumatic time they are often taking stock of their lives and most receptive to offers of support.

Our first hospital-based service of this kind was established in 2015 at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. The small team have gone on to help several hundred young people stay safe from further harm and cut hospital re-admissions amongst this cohort from 49% to 1%.

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