Nobody should go hungry this Christmas

Universal Credit has been cut, the costs of fuel and other essentials are rising. Our clients’ incomes are stripped to the bare minimum.

Many will spend the Christmas period forced to choose between heating and eating for them and their families.

Help us to ensure they can keep warm and fed this Christmas.

"You cannot begin to understand and I have no words to express how The Pantry is helping this young family by providing them with healthy nutritious top-ups."

St Giles Caseworker

Anything you give will help our clients and their families stay warm and well-nourished this Christmas, while also supporting them towards stability and independence in the longer term:

Vulnerable Young People 3


could feed a family for five days

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could give a family access to peer support to end food dependency

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could give a family a Christmas dinner



could feed 10 families in a week


This Christmas, many of our clients will struggle to feed their families as well as heat their homes, with presents for children simply not an option.

money (1)


Up to 25% weekly drop in income for our clients.



The increase in low-income households in arrears has tripled since the pandemic hit.



£3.50 is enough to feed a family of four for four days.


3.8 million

People are behind on rent and bills and have had to take on new borrowing.


2.4 million

Children living in food-insecure households in the UK.



An extra £31 a week is needed to cover the cost of living for a lower-income household.

How we’re helping families facing stark choices this Winter:

  • The Pantry by St Giles offers nutritious, healthy food to communities across the UK in return for a small weekly subscription. Our Pantry locations in London, Leeds and Coventry also provide expert advice and support on issues trapping clients in poverty, creating a sustainable route out of poverty.
  • Employment support services: we help individuals facing unemployment or experiencing in-work poverty. Our caseworkers specialise in helping people to overcome the barriers they face, including experience of homelessness, addiction, mental health issues and long-term unemployment, gradually helping them build the skills and confidence to find sustainable employment that pays a living wage.
  • Holistic support: Across St Giles services, our teams help people facing insecure housing and homelessness. This is tough work at a time when there is a dire shortage of affordable accommodation for people across the UK, but particularly for those living in London.
  • Christmas Gifts for Families: Thanks to the generous support of local business and our corporate supporters, St Giles will be providing Christmas gifts to children and family who access the Pantry and would otherwise go without this year.

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