What is an A&E Navigator?

What is an A&E Navigator?

A, St Giles, A&E navigator is a member of our hospital team who helps guide young people into the support they need, using their in-depth knowledge of available services in the hospital and local area. The role of A&E Navigator for us is demonstrated best in Bedfordshire, while our other hospital teams around the country work to a slightly different model under different titles.

Are there Different Types of A&E Navigators?

Yes. We have specialist youth practitioner teams across multiple hospitals: 

  • In Newham we have, Specialist ED Caseworkers 
  • In the Midlands we have, A&E Specialist Caseworkers 
  • At Royal London Hospital we have industry leading, Trauma Caseworkers. 

These roles, whilst based on a similar model to Bedfordshire’s A&E Navigators, are more directly involved with supporting the child or young person as caseworkers.  

Why are St Giles in Hospitals & Emergency Departments?

St Giles’ work in prevention and intervention with young people at risk of or involved in criminal activity, gangs and county lines goes back a long way. We are champions of Lived Experience and mentor-based projects, 60% of St Giles staff have lived experience of the areas of work they are working within.  

Providing the essential element of mentorship and knowledge of the issues facing the young person places us in a strong position to provide the most effective and reliable support as specialist youth practitioners in hospitals, among other spaces. 

Being able to safeguard the young person whilst in hospital and extend support to their family is an essential role to help make sure the young person stays safe and to reduce readmission rates and. The support can continue from the hospital into the community to support reducing risks and supporting the health and wellbeing. This also includes working with the local authorities, schools and community-based services as we believe in the ‘joint-up approach’ in supporting at-risk and vulnerable children and young people and reducing risks and re-presentation to hospitals. We must work together for the betterment of all children and young people.

How Long Has St Giles Worked In Hospitals?

We have been working in this area for over 9 years now. Our first hospital service launched in 2015 within the Trauma Department at The Royal London Hospital and this success led to our teams being able to reach more children and young people. 

At Royal London Hospital, in the first 12 months, we were able to reduce re-admittance from 35% to only 1%. A current 5-year longitudinal study into our hospital youth violence interventions demonstrated a reduction to just 8% re-admittance following St Giles support.

Our patron and supporter, Martin Griffiths’ has supported us with his tireless work and advocacy for the need to support children and young people at risk of youth violence. Read more about Martin Griffths here 

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