SOS+ Parents Session at Credit Suisse

As part of our Charity of the Year partnership with Credit Suisse, two members of our SOS+ Project raised awareness of the dangers of drugs, trafficking and violent crime to Credit Suisse employees and their children.
The key message of the session, as well as educating Credit Suisse parents about knife crime, grooming and exploitation, was that all young people are at risk including those from stable, loving backgrounds.

SOS+ Project Facilitator Tyron Bailey shared his experiences of gangs, prison and working with young people at risk, and also advised parents how to talk to their children about these issues, and how to spot signs that their child might be involved in illegal activity. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many parents commenting that they had little or no awareness of the issues before they attended the session, and were now aware of how to equip their children with the knowledge and understanding needed to keep them safe from exploitation.

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