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Support For Vulnerable Women Leaving Prison – The Wire Service

Date: 2012

Evaluated by: TSIP

Methodology: client reconviction study, client data analysis, interviews with key stakeholders

Project aims: The programme provides constant, flexible emotional support and practical help to the women in their adjustment to life outside of prison. Activities include meeting at the gates at release, help with housing, employment and mental health services access.

Key outcomes:

  • Reconviction rate for women who attended the service was 42% vs the 51% national average.
  • Average number of offences per participant reduced by 50% 12 months after release compared to 12 months before - this is especially impressive as a large percentage (over 50%) of WIRE clients have a conviction history that has more than 10 offences
  • Housing outcomes are thought to be a strength of the WIRE project and it is from this solid foundation that the workers are able to support the women in desisting from crime.

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