Evaluations into our work with children and young people

L-EDGE evaluation

Date: 2022

Evaluated by: JH Consulting

Project details: The aim of the project is to create positive outcomes for 40 vulnerable children in
Southwark and Lambeth who are on the edge of being taken into local authority care. L-EDGE intervenes
before any formal care proceedings have taken place, providing a ‘whole family approach’ of specialist,
holistic, emotional and practical support.

Key outcomes:

  • L-EDGE has continued to support very disadvantaged families in the LB of Southwark, providing child
    centred help to create better environments for a varied cohort of highly vulnerable children. The
    project has made the differences that it set out to and in doing so has enabled a number of children
    to lead much safer and happier lives with real prospects of progression.
  • For the 18 month project period, a total of 50 children (20 index and 30 siblings) aged between 5
    and 18 years have been referred to L-EDGE, in 17 families that range from 10 members to just 2.
    The families supported experience often acute, multiple and enduring challenges including poverty,
    poor housing, abuse, mental/physical health issues and drug/alcohol dependency.
  • Of the families that worked fully with the project, none have had children removed during
    engagement. In addition, all but one of these has improved their safety scores and five had been
    stepped down from CP to CiN by case closure.

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