Evaluations into our work with children and young people

BRAVE evaluation

Date: 2017

Evaluated by: JH Consulting

Project aims:

The overall aim of the BRAVE project was to test the idea that delivery of joint gangs and radicalisation sessions would be more effective in communicating a number of key messages identifying the similarities between gang involvement, extremism and radicalisation. The BRAVE project was funded by the Home Office Prevent Innovation Fund.

The project set out to deliver sessions that would:

  • help children and young people have greater awareness of the realities and issues surrounding gang involvement, drugs, violence, extremism and radicalisation, and learn about strategies to help avoid the risk of becoming involved in these activities
  • support schools and colleges to be able to tackle issues that they may feel ill equipped

Key outcomes:

  • St Giles’ team delivered 24 BRAVE sessions
  • They reached 1,588 children and young people (76% in Birmingham, 24% in London; 50/50 male/female; 76% in the 11-15 years old age group ), 110 teachers and support staff and 35 parents
  • A number of schools and colleges visited have stated that they intend to do some follow up work.
  • A joint approach to radicalisation and gangs is effective, including in terms of time, however, presentations and materials need to be easy to understand, impactful, engaging and coherent.
  • Preparatory work with staff to increase support, impact and reach -, providing a ‘trailer’ ahead of sessions may further increase engagement from young people as they will have an accurate understanding of what the session is about and, by using video, the engaging style of the facilitators.

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