Digital Resources

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, with the need for both flexibility and accessibility, the SOS+ Service has developed a County Lines activity pack for KS3 and KS4 that consists of a 7-minute animation, alongside five character-testimony audio clips that delve into the perspectives of various players in a typical county line drug operation.

Additionally, we have just completed a video resource for KS2 on Gangs and Weapons Awareness, and we are developing animated content and an activity pack on the topic of Knife Crime older children.

a cartoon of a group of people

These resources are supported by age-appropriate Activity Packs that provide 3 to 4 hours of study time and cover core PSHE topics like healthy relationships, decision making, youth violence and drug awareness. Teachers are provided with supporting guides and session plans; differentiation ideas for SEND learners; and sample answers for all the activities. Young people can view the appropriate film/animation online, provide instant feedback, and complete their activity packs as distributed in the format suited to each school or community site. Activity packs are available in Word or PDF format with embedded links to the online video and audio content.

Schools can share the resources with learners via their online learning platforms or print them for distribution. The videos will address the key points of our face-to-face and virtual sessions while the activity pack is useful in embedding and evaluating learning. Activity packs encourage further thinking about the issues in the hope of facilitating appropriate conversations among peers and in the home environment. While face to face engagement will always be our preferred, most impactful medium, feedback has been excellent from both young people and adults. Launched in January 2021, with 1,058 young people engaged in this online film format in the first month, young people's ratings average 4.6/5 stars.

“What I liked about the film was how detailed the explanations were, as it can now make more people understand a bit more about staying safe from gangs, extremists and grooming online. All the tips that were given was helpful as now I can use those tips to help me avoid getting into gangs and extremists.”

Y7 Student