Mentoring with St Giles Trust

Our Professional Skills Mentoring Programme secures one to one support from professional mentors from a wide range of industries.

They are ‘matched’ with St Giles Trust staff based on their experiences, roles and any hobbies or interests.

The programme helps St Giles Trust staff work towards their professional and personal development goals. Many could be in their first job and can benefit immensely from someone who is willing to take the time to guide and advise them. Some will be ex-offenders and some will not.

Mentoring partnerships are completely non-judgemental and confidential.

Why you should get involved

  • It will provide you with transferable skills such as management, listening and assertiveness
  • You can have a real impact on our staff and could be the driving force for them in helping them make real changes in their lives.
  • Mentoring training is free of charge.

Expectations and matching

We offer training to each potential mentor where they will learn about listening skills and how to encourage their mentee to open up.

Our Mentoring Co-ordinator will work with each mentor to ensure you are matched up with the right person.

Once a mentor is matched with the right person, they typically meet their mentee every 6-8 weeks for a period of about 2 hours. During meetings, the mentor will listen and encourage their mentee to open up around any personal or professional skills gaps around time management, strategic planning or presentation skills.

For more information, please contact our Human Resources team at