Our services

The people we help are often in complex situations requiring care and intensive support. We have developed a wide range of services to help them overcome any issues which are holding them back. Many will engage with more than one service during their time with us. There are currently over 60 different projects offered by our teams.
Please contact us if you need any more information on these services. Our peer led approach through the network of Peer Hubs we run forms the backbone of all the services described below and is integral to their delivery.
Further information on the Peer Hubs is available here.

Help for vulnerable young people involved in or at risk of criminal exploitation

We work across a number of London boroughs helping young people involved in
exploitation, gangs and serious violence. Find out more here

We with a number of London boroughs helping young people involved in criminal exploitation and serious violence. Rescue and Response is a partnership project helping young people in London involved in county line activity.  Click here to make a referral to Rescue and Response. 

The SOS+ Service offers prevention and diversion for young people in schoolsand also raises awareness amongst parents and professionals. Alongside thenational Programme, locally commissioned SOS+ Programmes are delivered in colleges in South East London, Norfolk, Ipswich, Kent, Hertfordshire and Rhyll.

County Lines in Cardiff (CLIC)
helps young people in the city who are being exploited through county line activity.

We also work in Newport and other areas across Wales to offer support, advice and guidance to young people at risk to help divert them away from criminal exploitation such as serious violence and county lines.

SOS Out There Kent - funded by Kent PCC, helps young people in the county involved in county line activity and offers peer-led diversion to those at risk. It is a development from our first ever specialist county lines intervention project helping young people in Kent.

SOS Brighton helps young people in Brighton involved in or at risk of criminal exploitation and drugs including county line activity.

SOS Yorkshire helps young people in the region involved in or at risk of criminal exploitation, gangs, drugs and serious violence.

Our work in London custody suites offers support and advice to young people in police custody to divert them away from more serious criminal activity.

We work in hospitals in London and the West Midlands helping young people who have been admitted as a results of serious violence.  We currently provide this work at the Royal London Hospital, London, and at two hospitals in the West Midlands supported by West Midlands PCC.

Our prison services across England and Wales help people get the advice and support they need to resettle and rebuild their lives. We also provide services in the community for people with a criminal record.

BeNCH CRC Resettlement Community Integration helps ex-offenders in Cambridgeshire get advice and support around employment opportunities.

Norfolk and Suffolk CRC TTG Resettlement offers Through The Gates support to prison leavers to help them successfully resettle in the community.

Working Out Suffolk helps ex-offenders in the Ipswich area into employment. 

The RRP CRC MatG pilot offers resettlement support to prison leavers in the Midlands.

CFO3 in West Yorkshire helps ex-offenders in the region into employment. 

We have a number of projects whose specific remit is focused on helping adults and young people overcome barriers to find employment and also offer projects supporting people who are experiencing in work poverty.


Opportunities Lambeth works with Lambeth residents who are experiencing disadvantages to help them find employment

Routeways which helps people experiencing in work poverty in Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark

Aim Higher works with people living in Hackney, Islington and Camden to help them access employment

Level Up helps people with criminal convictions in north London improve their employment situations.

Work Routes offers employment support to adults in the Bradford and Keighley areas of West Yorkshire


Choices helps disadvantaged young people in Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield get the help they need to gain skills and employment

GROW North London helps disadvantaged young people in North London earn while they learn through helping those in higher

Access to the Future offers practical assistance to disadvantaged young people to help them achieve their career goals.

Peer Circles offers peer-led support to work with vulnerable adults at their own pace with the aim of helping them achieve independence and employment where this is a realistic goal. Peer Circles is a Building Better Opportunities Project funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

Outliers helps adults in London who have entrenched histories of homelessness, mental health issues, substance misuse, trauma and involvement in the criminal justice system.

We are part of the Bexley Drug and Alcohol Project offering peer support to people who are experiencing substance misuse issues.  Our role works in partnership with specialists who offer clinical recovery support.

We are involved in the Kings Health Partnership helping homeless adults presenting at St Thomas’s Hospital to offer them resettlement support.

The Footsteps Project helps vulnerable women in the criminal justice system in London, West Yorkshire and Norfolk, providing them with the support and services they need to rebuild their lives, particularly helping women experiencing diagnosed and undiagnosed autism.

WONDER + works in Norfolk helping vulnerable women at risk, helping them get the help they need to prevent issues from escalating further.

We offer help to families in crisis who are typically affected by offending and gang-related issues through services in Lambeth and Southwark in London and also offer similar services in Wales.

In Yorkshire, the COPE project offers support to children and young people with a parent in prison whilst Strengthening Family Ties helps people in custody maintain positive and supportive relationships with their families.


Brewbird is a bustling café in south London run by St Giles offering training and employment opportunities to our clients.

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The Pantryis a partnership project helping local residents of three housing associations access affordable, healthy food whilst empowering them to move their lives forward.

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