St Giles 2021 Radio 4 Appeal

Tune into Radio 4 on Sunday 15 August at 7.54am to hear our very own Joanne Bakare present our fourth BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

Not a morning person...? Don't worry, the Appeal is repeated at 9.25pm on the Sunday and on the following Thursday (19 August) at 3.27pm.

Why Joanne is presenting our appeal

Joanne works as a Team Leader helping young people who have been arrested and are held in police custody.  Her work focusses on addressing the underlying issues which led to their arrest and helping them access positive opportunities.

She is passionate about helping young people at a time when they are often scared and vulnerable.

In her own words, Joanne will explain her work and highlight how her own lived experience of overcoming adversity helps her young clients engage with her.



could provide preventative educational sessions to young people at risk of serious youth violence. 



could provide one night emergency accommodation to keep a child safe. 

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could provide one day of lifesaving 1:1 mentoring and whole family support to a young person at risk of gang involvement.


Our partners

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