COVID 19 Appeal



Thanks to your generous support, we have been able to offer emergency help for our clients during the lockdown. But we are extremely worried about the long-term impact the economic fallout will have.

Many of our clients have lost their jobs and are struggling to afford basic essentials. Lack of access to technology, compounded by added issues around mental health and substance misuse, means that some of the most vulnerable in society could become increasingly isolated and left behind.

We have worked rapidly and flexibly to limit this situation impacting the lives of those we support. Here is a snapshot of where your support has gone to date: 


The £280,000 raised since we launched our Covid19 appeal in late March has been vital to our emergency response and prevented thousands of people falling through the net.  

We are now looking to the future and sadly the long-term economic and social impact of lockdown is becoming apparent:

  • Growing unemployment
  • Increasing inequality
  • More young people than ever before at risk of grooming, gang involvement and youth violence
  • A developing mental health crisis

Yet, in the face of this crisis we have a once in a generation opportunity to create real change; to build a society that works for all - the society we want to live in. A society where we all come together to ensure everyone is effectively supported and empowered to overcome the barriers that they face and no one is left behind.

 At St Giles, we have been doing this since we were founded in 1962. We know how to support people to overcome the biggest barriers, to help them to move away from negative lifestyles, and to develop the skills and confidence to find a positive alternative.  


On average it costs us £2,000 to provide 1:1 holistic support to an individual for a year.

This could cover:

Being helped by someone who has been there underpins all our services – this is now more important than ever as we transition out of lockdown in ensuring the hardest to reach don’t fall through the net. 

We are so grateful to you for your support and belief in us and we do hope you will continue to help us on the next steps of this journey.

Everything you do, whether it’s speaking to your friends and family about the issues affecting the most vulnerable, sharing our Better Futures campaign on social media, writing to your MP, or making a donation is creating positive change.

We want to express our deepest gratitude on behalf of everyone at St Giles for making this possible.





Thanks to your kind support, over 600 vulnerable people across London are receiving supplies of fresh, healthy food and someone to check they are OK. This has been a lifeline. With more help we can extend this service to more of our clients.


The Pantry


Our caseworkers are working harder than ever to stay in contact with their clients, offering advice, support and encouraging them to stay motivated and engaged with the future.


Peer Circles


This is an uncertain time for everyone. For our clients, this uncertainty could be devastating. We are asking anyone who is able, to donate to us so that we can set up a dedicated crisis fund to provide the bespoke support that is needed for the most vulnerable as the situation unfolds.

If you are able to give, your support will make an enormous difference. Make a secure donation online.


If you are unable to give at this time, you can still make a difference by sharing this appeal on any social networks. You can also keep up to date with how we are supporting our vulnerable clients through this crisis by signing up to our newsletter 

Please note all donations made through our website will be restricted to our crisis fund unless you contact us to specify otherwise.

Should you have any questions, or prefer to donate via cheque or bank transfer, please contact us [email protected]