Think Differently

You've had rules. You've had really strict structure. You've understood where you're supposed to be and what you're supposed to do, every minute of the day.

But when you get out and you get home, things are very different. Your family has been getting used to life without you. They've worked out new ways of sorting out money, food shopping, getting the kids to school. They've got a routine that works for them. You don't fit in like you once did.

And your kids might have come to visit you in prison, but you're not prepared for how they've grown up without you.

They're not used to having you back. Look at your eldest son, and how angry he is with you now you're home. There's echoes of you in there that you recognise. You can see all these little glimpses of how you once were. So of course, you understand it when he says you can't tell him what to do. You've been in prison after all. You're hardly the voice of authority.

You've heard of blokes in worse situations, after leaving prison. Some aren't allowed to go near their families. They've ended up in Bed and Breakfasts or supported housing, wondering what on earth they are supposed to do. Some are sleeping rough.

Not easy is it? Sorting all of that out.

The good news is, it's not impossible. Far from it.

At St Giles Trust we know all about leaving prison, and the things that can lead people into re-offending. We know that, sometimes, bad things spiral. And we know how to address things when they do. You might not have even heard of us. We're not a well-known charity. Nothing flashy. But what we do, really works.

We help people on the outside. We take the time to sort things out. That could be helping someone mend their personal relationships, or helping them get a City and Guilds qualification so they can find work.

Whatever it is, we tackle problems logically and get them fixed. A lot of us have been in prison too. So we know what we're talking about.

We also know that support services that only last a few years don't work. We know that things have to be consistent to be effective. It's not good saying 'we can help for a bit' to someone with decades of criminal behaviour to un-learn. That stuff doesn't happen overnight.

But to keep helping people St Giles Trust needs money. And you could help us. All we're asking for is £10. We're asking you and we're asking other people who understand, so when we put those donations together it will add up and make a big difference.