Rescue and Response

Rescue and Response is a three-year MOPAC funded project working with young Londoners
affected by county lines activity.
St Giles Trust is part of a consortium of charities and local authorities who are working together to support vulnerable young people and develop services aimed at addressing the issue.
The charities involved are St Giles Trust, Abianda, Safer London and the local authorities are Lewisham, Brent, Southwark and Tower Hamlets.

Rescue and Response will provide:

  • One to one support for young people exploited from London
  • Specialist support for young women
  • Help to manage risk and safeguarding
  • Support to move away from criminal exploitation
  • Family support
  • Help to build network analysis through pan London intel gathering
  • An out-of-hours phone number for professionals

Referral process and criteria

Individuals must be London based and aged up to 25, and fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • Known, or suspected, involvement in county line activity
  • Known, or suspected, association with others who are involved in county line activity or being coerced and controlled
  • Known, or suspected, experiences of child sexual exploitation, sexual violence and/or coercion, control or victimisation in the context of county line and/or gang activity
  • Missing episodes suspected to be linked to any of the above

All referrals should be submitted via an online platform which can be reached by clicking here.