Luke's Story


Single father Luke was struggling to care for his two sons aged 3 and 4. The whole family were crammed into a one bedroom bedsit and Luke was struggling to deal with the local authority to find something better for them.

The family had already endured immense trauma after the departure of the mother from their lives. Our caseworker Lee is an experienced peer caseworker who had trained through us on his release from prison. His encyclopaedic knowledge of housing meant he knew exactly what needed to be done to help Luke and his family.

Lee gathered evidence of the family’s situation – which included a diagnosis of autism for one of the boys – and accompanied Luke to the local authority to advocate on his behalf. Within a few weeks, they were moved to a more suitable property with a small garden for the son’s to play in. The family had nothing so we also helped Luke apply for grant to buy furniture and other provisions so they could settle in.

Luke had also been struggling to feed himself and his sons on single person Job Seekers Allowance as he had no idea how the benefits system worked. Lee helped him get obtain child benefits and added support for the son with autism.

As a result of Lee’s help, the boys have settled into their new home and school. The next step is to help Luke find a job. Social services – who had previously been involved with the family – are now happy to step away. Luke is extremely grateful for the help his has had saying that he would have really struggled to negotiate the baffling web of support services his family needed by himself.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality.