Somewhere to live.... Something to work for... Positive relationships... Support from someone who has been there


In harsh economic times, some families can be left behind meaning their children have little chance of faring any better in future. A downward spiral with little prospect of a way out means many families are struggling to cope and many are experiencing extreme disadvantage.

Gamechangers helps very excluded people in Tower Hamlets and Southwark to manage issues that might be affecting them, ranging from housing, finances to working with Social Services and Probation. The people helped on this project have very complex needs and our support includes helping with housing, looking for work or training, managing debts as well as accessing services helping with substance misuse and domestic abuse. It can also offer support around family mediation and discussions with schools. This work is kindly funded by Barclays.

For further information please contact Download a leaflet on the service here.


Our WIRE project supports women leaving prison returning to London who homeless and vulnerable through offering intensive support on the first few days of release (more information is available here).  The aim of the project is to ensure the women are housed, supported and their situations stabilised.  An important part of this project is also helping the women with any support needs related to their children who frequently enter the care system when their mothers go into prison.  Typically, this support involves helping the women regain custody (if appropriate), re-establish contact and support in dealing with any court procedures.  Given that the women helped through WIRE are usually in severe poverty, practical support is provided around supplying the women with equipment, toys and books for the children involved in the project.  The WIRE team also organise family days out for the women and their children.