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SOS Project

Now London's largest gangs intervention project, this award-winning service offers intensive support to persistent and prolific young offenders to help them break free from crime - particularly gang-related crime. It works with young people both in prison and in the community, offering a tailored package of support for each individual to help them identify and realise alternative aspirations and goals away from a life of crime. It also works with young people at risk of getting involved in the criminal justice system.

SOS can help an individual across a wide range of practical and emotional areas including housing, help accessing housing, education, training.  The team can also support their clients to re-establish positive ties with family and siblings.

The majority of caseworkers are trained, reformed ex-offenders who haeve first-hand experience of the issues their clients are working through.

The work of SOS is delivered through a smaller teams based across London each carrying out targeted work with young people who present a varied range of needs.  We have SOS offices located in Southwark, Croydon, Ladbroke Grove and Hackney.  We also work in partnership with statutory agencies in Greenwich and Ealing to address specific issues in these areas.

We also work across London as part of the Safe and Secure Programme which targets high profile gang members who need to relocate to different areas to successfully exit gang activity.

Literature to download on the SOS Project

  • Click here to download a map detailing where the teams are based and who they work with.
  • Clcik here for a downloadable leaflet on SOS
  • Information for young people worried about gang crime can be downloaded here

  • Information for parents or carers is available here


Preventative work with young people at risk of gang crime, with the aim of preventing them becoming caught up in this lifestyle, is now provided through the SOS+.  Ex-offender volunteers trained through St Giles Trust are working with schools in London to inform students on the dangers of getting caught up in gang crime, particularly with regard to weapons.

Further information on the sessions - including testimonials from people involved - can be downloaded here.

The SOS film - Breaking the Cycle

An inspiring, award-winning film about SOS and the has been produced by film company Merchant Cantos.  It can be viewed here.

Visit the SOS website by clicking here


We are extremely grateful to the funders and supporters of the SOS Project which include private individuals, corporate supporters and statutory agencies.  We are always looking for more funding so many more young people who need help can benefit from SOS.  Click here to make a donation to SOS or send a cheque made payable to 'St Giles Trust' to Fundraising, St Giles Trust, 64-68 Camberwell Church Street, London SE5 8JB