“St Giles Trust’s work is real proof of all that is possible in delivering a rehabilitation revolution. It has pioneered a peer-led model using well managed, highly motivated, paid ex-offenders in delivering its award- winning services that dramatically reduce re-offending. This work has been evaluated to show that intelligent use trained, ex-offender staff can at scale reduce re-offending rates by an additional 40%, and at the same time help save the taxpayer ten pounds for every one pound invested.*

One of the great frustrations for St Giles Trust has been the lack of access to statutory funding to deliver this fast and effective service at real scale. Currently, St Giles Trust is a £5 million pound turnover charity able to work with about 15,000 clients a year. We specialise in working with the most chaotic and complex clients, prolific offenders, gang members, children and families of offenders and vulnerable female prison leavers.

We salute the opportunity for this revolution to flourish, to become part of the mainstream way things are done, so that those who really do want to change, but don’t know how to, will now have a fighting chance. This will mean many fewer future victims of crime – an achievement which will bring huge benefits for everyone in society."


Rob Owen, Chief Executive, St Giles Trust